Living in Manila has many perks and advantages. However, there are also challenges such as practical and economic aspects. More often than not, regular income is not enough – especially if you have big goals. Fortunately, you can use a loan to launch many types of side hustles. There are countless hustle ideas to choose from, but here are some of the most popular and easiest to start:




Wordsmithing is a new term for freelance writing. This is a popular hustle done by thousands of Filipinos all over the country. You actually don’t need a loan to start a wordsmithing business. It’s a matter of choice and strategic planning. With a new payday loan sg, you can purchase a website and market your services. Based on numerous studies, writers who have websites managed to get clients in a short time. Your website will serve as a portfolio.


Online Consultancy


If you’ve mastered a skill and you want to teach it to others, you can run an online consultancy business. Just like wordsmithing, you can do this for free but the marketing boost of your own website can definitely go a long way. Plus, you may need money for subscription fees on paid platforms and other equipment necessary.


Packed Lunch Deliveries


Manila urbanites are always busy. They have round-the-clock jobs and various hustles on the side. Well, living in Manila is costly, and people need to keep both ends meet. Manila is also a growing market, and there’s a growing demand for services. One side hustle that you can do is packed lunch delivery. If you have a knack for cooking, you can buy disposable plastic wares¬† and utensils. Afterwards, start making your recipe to be mass-produced. Packed lunches are in-demand in BPO companies and office complexes. You can also make packed dinners and snacks – but watch out for your overhead! Once your packed food delivery is making profits, save a portion towards your loan repayment plan. This will ensure that you won’t miss payments at all.


Establishing any of these side hustles will demand a huge portion of your time. If you have a job, this can be challenging – so make sure that you have a proper plan. The hustle will become easier if you have someone who can help you. It can be your spouse, best friend, or a reliable business partner. Don’t be intimidated by Manila! The city is full of customers waiting for your services.