Despite its recent altercation with LTFRB, Uber remains firm and popular. The company’s suspension in Philippines generated negative reactions from the greater public. If you’re using Uber transport service and your profit flow was affected by the ‘Uber persecution,’ you can still recover with the help of some loans.


Here are the best loans for your Uber business:


Personal Loan


Personal loans are the most popular types of loans nowadays. Almost all banks offer personal loans to a wide range of borrowers. Back then, personal loans have huge interest rates and complicated requirements; now, times have changed – you can get a personal loan with one or two IDs, depending on the lender. The amount of the loan to be released depends on your repayment capabilities or current employment. Some personal loans are also tied to your credit score. If you have a great score, the lender will give you a higher amount. But don’t worry if your score is not that satisfying. As long as you honor the terms of the personal loan, there won’t be a problem.


Character Loan


Character loans are based on your character and reputation in the community. If you don’t have a good reputation, you may not be approved for the loan. This is part of the risk assessment of the lender. In order to successfully apply for this loan, especially if you’re new in a town, you need to be vouched by someone. Over time, once your character is set in stone, you can now get character loans with relative ease. When you’re applying online, there’s little emphasis on your character. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to have a bad attitude. Once a lender deduces that your attitude is not great, your loan will be denied.


Online Cash Loan


Nowadays, many borrowers are getting their money through the Internet. With hundreds of lenders competing on the market today, there seems to be no shortage of choices. Once you’ve selected the right lender, start sending your application. Typically, it will only take few hours before the loan is approved or denied. Many Uber drivers gained their loans this way, and the situation will remain like that for years.


Do not give up on Uber – the fight is still ongoing. Sooner or later, Uber will manage to get back on its feet. Just lay low, stick to your business principles, and deliver the best service to commuters.